An open letter to my nurses

Thank you. I am so incredibly grateful for not only the high quality care I’ve received during my time here, but also for the little things you do, the things that make me feel like a person, not just a patient.


Thank you for chatting with me while you’re doing obs, or flushing my tube. Thank you for putting up with my neurotic questions about each and every medication, and for not taking it personally if I let some of my frustration slip when they’ve been entered into the computer incorrectly for the sixth day in a row. Thank you for treating me with so much compassion, for comforting me when I was in floods of tears, for allowing me to vent my frustrations when the plan would be ripped out from under me for the nth time, leaving me confused and upset all over again.

Thank you for allowing me to complain about the little things, like my nose being sore, or having to have the NG replaced again! Thank you for giving me some autonomy, letting me unhook my tube from the giving set before a flush, that little concession made me feel so much more human. Thank you for celebrating with me when I gained weight, or when we finally seemed to find the right combination of medications. Thank you for commiserating with me when things didn’t go at all according to plan.

You are such incredible people, and I am beyond grateful for everything you do.

With love and gratitude,





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