Brain on Fire – a film for zebras

Well- it's been a while since I last posted, and I've been telling myself it's because I'm learning how to budget my spoons better, and not because I'm getting even sicker. It's just a short one tonight, but this evening I watched something which touched me in a way a film hasn't in a long… Continue reading Brain on Fire – a film for zebras

Getting ahead of myself; or, a lesson in spoon-budgeting

So, despite my best intentions to blog at least every other day, I've been away for a few, and unfortunately, not voluntarily. I like to have my own little way of conceptualising the spoon theory, because some tasks take much more out of me than others, but I am usually able to complete roughly the… Continue reading Getting ahead of myself; or, a lesson in spoon-budgeting

The Revolutionary Rheumatologist

So, after the emotional journey that was my earlier post from today, I thought it was really important to have a more matter-of-fact run down of my rheumatology appointment today, as I really learned a lot about self-advocacy and how to try and find that balance between presenting a considered suggestion and telling the doctor… Continue reading The Revolutionary Rheumatologist

Counting my blessings

I've never considered myself a very religious person. I believe in God, I was raised Catholic, and spent 13 years attending Catholic schools, but I've never really been one for organised religion. But I've noticed that since I started getting sick over the last few years, I find myself saying a quiet prayer when I… Continue reading Counting my blessings

Wake-up call

So, this morning, yet again, I woke up with extreme, debilitating pain in my hip. In desperation I rang my GP, and she squeezed me in before the rest of the morning's appointments. We decided to go for scans and then potentially referral to an orthopaedic doctor, but unfortunately I didn't get that far. My… Continue reading Wake-up call

Am I a hypochondriac?

So, we're on day three of being housebound, and I'm still spending most of the time in bed. I had to apply for extensions for my assignments that are due this week, one of which is due tonight. Unfortunately, you only get a response "within five business days", so I just have to cross my… Continue reading Am I a hypochondriac?