The surprise I’ve been keeping under wraps

I’m so excited to finally be able to share something I’ve always been wanting to do – the launch of Chronically Clumsy merch.

Although the idea was initially sparked by self-interest, because I though it’d be cute design for a mug for my desk to fill with pens, but as I looked into my options I realised this was something that I was very keen to pursue.

So, without further ado, here’s the rundown …

For now, there are three designs which are available through RedBubble;

All of the designs are currently available in a range of homewares, stationery and accessories, and both of the Logo designs are also available on a range of apparel. The brilliant thing about RedBubble is that they work with a global team of manufacturing and shipping services, and items are printed to order so there’s no need to worry about a minimum order volume or a limited run of prints.

At this early stage, any proceeds are going to be re-invested straight back in to keeping the blog running, so that I’m hopefully able to start putting out higher quality content.

If, by some incredibly good luck, things change and there are any proffits down the track, I aim to invest them in an EDS research charity, but I won’t commit to a specific one as of yet as I would like to investigate my options within Australia.

Click here to find out more …


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