I still live at home, because I’m a uni student and life is expensive, especially when you’re constantly seeing different doctors, and also because I’ve been blessed with a super loving and supportive family and even though they drive me crazy I’d be lost without them.


Anyway, because of my health I’ve been holed up in my room more often than not, so after I had my endo surgery we came up with the idea of creating a little sanctuary space for me upstairs. To get to my bedroom, I had to go through the study, which wasn’t being used for anything except storage, so we moved my bed into this room, and set up some armchairs, a desk and shelving in what used to be my bedroom. This means that even when I don’t really have it in me to be up and moving around the house, I can still have a separate study space and little sitting area so that I’m not bed-bound when I don’t have to be.

Honestly, this has been a game-changer for me. Although though I still spend a lot of time at home in my bed, its nice to be able to get up and sit in one of my comfy chairs, even if its only for a short period of time. It also means that I FINALLY have a place for all my stuff, from keeping the surface of my vanity clutter-free, to having somewhere for all my devices and computers, and being able to display mementos like my hospital bears and my first Irish dancing trophy! Now, when I’m feeling trapped in my room, I can just take the few steps into my study, and between the large windows, soothing wall colour and open layout, it feels like I can breathe again.



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